Cloud Computing


Provide IT based cloud computing and IT infrastructure maintenance and services. Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over Internet with pay per usage. Cloud services allow individual and business to use software and hardware.

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the Internet with pay per usage. Cloud services allow individual and business to use software and hardware that are managed by third party at remote locations.

Examples of cloud services:

  • Online file storage
  • Social networking sites
  • Webmail and online business applications.

  • The cloud computing model allows access to information and computer resources from anywhere that a network connection is available. Cloud computing provides a shared pool of resources, including data storage space, networks computer processing power, and specialized corporate and user applications.

    We are Expertise in using the following Software for:

    • Java, Oracle,
    • HPSM: ITIL Tools, (Incident management, Change management, Release Management, HP Service Manager)
    • SAN Technologies, CISCO, BROCADE,
    • Hitachi Data storage systems, EMC,(Vmax,Vnx), VMware,
    • Linux, Solaris and Windows.

    Whether its the need for more capacity, to improve performance or for the ability to support new applications, there are more reasons than ever to optimize your storage array.


    Networked Storage Need-to-Knows:

    Variety of tips, techniques and best practices that can help your storage networks are built for todays requirements. Whether you're interested in SAN, NAS and/or unified storage insights, this guide has the info, with topics that focus on:

    • The pros and cons of scale-out and scale-up NAS
    • Improving NAS management with private storage clouds
    • Whats new in the Fibre Channel market
    • Technologies to help improve iSCSI performance
    • Benefits of unified storage architectures
    • And more

    We provide strategic guidance to our customers through the complexities of Cloud, Virtualization, Enterprise Storage, Data Migrations, Data Replication, Data Protection, Archiving, Consolidation, Systems, Database, Network Support, Monitoring, Health Checks, Performance Analysis, Capacity Management, 24 x7 Support, Global Support and Staff Augmentation.

    Your workforce deals with massive amounts of information in email and other applications and therefore businesses need to accommodate users appetites for creating and acquiring data. Organizations must manage, access, archive and create a solid backup and recovery solution.

    JS Infotech offers solutions that help you simplify and streamline data storage. As long-time infrastructure experts, we Provide only the best Technologies available from leading storage manufacturers such as Oracle, HP, EMC, IBM and Cisco.


    Storage Solutions include:

    • Backup, Recovery and Archiving
    • Business Continuity and Availability
    • Energy Efficiency
    • De-Duplication
    • Replication Technologies
    • Storage Virtualization

    JS Infotech provides Storage Assessments and Data Classification Assessments, as well as planning, design, integration, and optimization services in these areas:

    • Storage Architecture
    • Data Migration
    • Integration and Implementation
    • Optimization and Operations

    Balancing the demands for secure record retention and quick, easy accessibility, Regan is your trusted advisor in implementing powerful, flexible storage hardware and applications that support your unique environment and business requirements.